About Me

WhatMyDogEats.com is a free resource for dogs related foods. I publish all artificial and natural types of dog foods facts and reviews. You can get a clear idea whether they are suitable or not suitable.

I know that finding trustworthy dog related advice online can be difficult. We assure to provide 100% trustworthy information. I always try to provide trustworthy information to readers.

I hope you enjoy our articles as much as we enjoy offering them to you. I ensure to give you the best dog food related stuff from this site. As always everyone can make mistakes. If you find any mistake on this site, please let me know by an email. You can contact us by admin@whatmydogeats.com.

Madhusha Dilshani

I work as a veterinarian and am a passionate animal lover. My love for animals led me to become a veterinarian, and my goal is to disseminate animal health and welfare through internet information and support, similar to what I’m doing at whatmydogeats.com.

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