Can Dogs Eat curry leaves Safely

Can Dogs Eat Curry Leaves? | Read before Feeding Your Doggie!

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Curry leaves are everywhere! This is one of the herbs that is widely used in most kitchens. Most of the curries and Asian dishes have curry leaves. This herb is full of nutritional values and an aromatic flavor. People use curry leaves in many forms. They use the leaf itself, some powder it and use it, and some drink the juice!

But what happens when dogs eat curry leaves? While the cooked leaf has an amazing taste, does the raw leaf has the same effect? Curry leaves have many antioxidant properties and nutrients that help the human body in many ways. Let us see if it is the same when it comes to dogs. Here is a ‘safe guide’ to answer ‘Can dogs eat curry leaves’ in the most feasible way possible.

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Can Dogs Eat Curry Leaves?

Curry leaves have an acquired taste, especially in dogs. If a dog is not used to eating curry leaves, it might not react to them well. Nonetheless, curry leaves are generally harmless to most dogs. But there are species that have sensitive digestive systems.

If one overeats curry leaves, there is a high chance that they may have digestive issues. This applies to both dogs and humans. It is advisable not to give dogs curry leaves raw. If you would like your pet to experience the taste of curry leaves, you can add cooked curry leaves to its meal.

Do Dogs Like Curry Leaves?

Dogs usually react quickly to their meal. However, if they sniff something unfamiliar, they might not eat the whole meal. Therefore, if you are particular about giving curry leaves to your dog, it is wise to train him from day ONE! Once a dog acquires the taste of something, its noses get familiar with the smell and hence adapt to it.

In general, if you mix curry leaves into their meal bowl, they will eat it happily. But if the taste of curry leaves dominates in their meal, they might reject it or react later.

Are There Any Health Benefits?

Curry leaves have a ton of nutrients that are beneficial to human health. When it comes to dogs, curry leaves can have more nutrients than required. Therefore, you have to give curry leaves in small quantities, and not frequently.

But with food, you have to be careful when giving your dog more than necessary. It is not limited only to curry leaves. It applies to all kinds of food that a dog eats. While curry leaves can boost a dog’s immune system and help with metabolism, an excessive amount of curry leaves can lead to issues.

Are Curry Leaves Poisonous to Dogs?

Since most of the green leafy vegetables are not poisonous to dogs, curry leaves are also not ‘poisonous’ to dogs. But they can lead to serious intestinal disorders and ailments if they eat a lot of raw curry leaves. Raw curry leaves leave a scratchy taste in the mouth and most dogs cannot handle that. Can a dog die from eating curry? If we are talking about curry, some dogs cannot handle a lot of spices. Spices can lead to intestinal ulcers and digestive issues in many dogs.

Therefore, one cannot say it is poisonous or it can kill a dog. But there is a slight chance if your dog cannot handle the pain. That is why, when it comes to food, one must be cautious in giving excessive amounts of the same food.

What Are the Side Effects Of Curry Leaves For Dogs?

Curry leaves in moderation is harmless. But raw curry leaves can lead to a number of intestinal conditions. Some of them can be deadly, depending on how much your dog can tolerate. Intestinal problems are some of the hardest health issues to handle. A dog can handle a physical wound better than an intestinal condition. And most intestinal disorders and conditions come from food.

Therefore, when giving your dog curry leaves, start with a leaf or two. First, ensure the dog is taking it well. If it finds curry leaves bitter and unappealing, it might not eat them at all. However, eating a lot much curry leaves can only lead to trouble!

How Much Curry Leaves Dogs Can Consume Safely?

There is no particular amount of leaves a dog can eat. But if you are giving curry leaves to your dog, start off by mixing them in the meal. When talking about a dog meal, the portions differ from dog to dog. For instance, you can start adding cooked curry leaves to the meal that adds up to about 0.5% of the entire meal. That way, you are not feeding your dog a lot at once.

Final thoughts

As long as we are aware of and take precautions, we can always be safe. Curry leaves are an excellent source of nutrients. But the over intake of anything is harmful most of the time. This is a practical situation that goes for all kinds of food.

When it comes to your dog, you must know what the dog can and cannot handle. If you have never given curry leaves to the dog, you can start with small quantities and keep an eye on your doggie for a day or two to see if there is a negative outcome. In that way, you do not overfeed something good, to the extent it actually becomes bad!

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