Can Dogs Eat French Onion Soup?

Can Dogs Eat French Onion Soup?

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French onion soup is one of my favorite soup. It is vey easy to make and impressive. You can make it at home with restaurant quality. So, when you make this soup at home, your dog will be waiting. They may smell it too. Even if the dog is like a member of your family, you need to be very careful when giving them the food you eat. So today I am going to tell you if dogs can eat French Onion Soup without any trouble.

Simple answer is No. You should not feed French Onion Soup to your dog. It contains several toxic ingredients which will harm your dog. Therefore, you should not give them even moderately. If your dog accidentally ate some French onion soup, make sure to meet veterinarian.

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What is French Onion Soup?

It is absolutely a delicious soup. You can make it easily at home. Not many ingredients are needed. French Onion Soup requires a large amount of onions. This soup can be made using only vegetables. But it’s more delicious if you use a meat like beef.

You do not need much time, knowledge or tools to make this. So, it can be easily made at home. All you need as a special appliance is a soup pot or oven unit.

This is a personal favorite soup of many people. That’s because this is a very tasty soup. It’s a simple and, yet it’s packed with flavor.

French Onion Soup


Before deciding whether French Onion Soup can be eaten by dogs, we need to be aware of its ingredients. That way we can come to a more accurate conclusion. Like other foods, French Onion Soup can be made in a variety of ways. What I am going to talk about here is the most commonly used method.

Several types of onions can be used for this. The most commonly used are sweet onions and yellow onions. Red onions are almost never used. That’s because of the severity of them.

Beef stock is preferable to chicken or vegetable broth because it has a deeper flavor and color. So, you can use chicken or vegetables too. It doesn’t affect to our main topic because many vegetables or any other meat do not harm your dog.

Those are the main ingredients. Apart from them, dry sherry, olive oil, butter, sugar, garlic, pepper, bay leaves, cheese are used to make French Onion Soup.

ingredients of French Onion Soup

Why Dogs Like French Onion Soup?

The specialty of French Onion Soup is its smell. No doubt that smell will spread throughout your home. If you use meat like beef, it will definitely spread a delicious smell all over your house. So, your pet dog also likes this smell.

Dogs are especially fond of the smell that comes with meat. So, if you give your dog French Onion Soup, he will surely eat it.

Benefits of French Onion Soup

The French Onion Soup we are talking about today mainly consists of onions and meat. According to Healthline, onions help reduce high blood pressure and lower heart disease risk.

The other ingredient is meat. Beef is often used in French Onion Soup. Beef is a high protein, high quality meat for dogs. According to Beefcentral, beef helps improve muscle mass.

Even French Onion Soup is consisting with several health benefits, can dogs have French Onion Soup safely. Let’s see.

Can Dogs Have French Onion Soup Safely?

Let’s start with the major ingredient of French Onion Soup which are onions. Dogs are poisoned by all components of the onion plant. Onions, whether raw or cooked, fried or powdered, are toxic to dogs. If your dog eats onions, he may show the following diseases (Source).

  • Weakness
  • Fainting
  • Reddish urine

So even if your dog is large in size, you should not feed onions to your dog. If your dog has eaten French Onion Soup accidentally, better to observe his behaviors first. Then if it shows some abnormal behaviors or symptoms, take your dog to veterinary.

Dry sherry is known to be dangerous and should never be ingested in large amounts. Sherry is a vine. They are made using grapes. Alcohol is toxic to dogs. So, Sherry is something that should never be given to dogs.

Also, as I mentioned above, French Onion Soup contains garlic. Garlic contains small amounts but is toxic to dogs. The aroma of roasting garlic is one of those fragrances that makes most of us hungry right away. So, garlic smell coming from the French Onion Soup is also very impressive. But you should not feed garlic to your dog. To cause detrimental changes in a dog’s blood, 15 to 30 grams of garlic per kilogram of body weight is required (Source).

Can Puppies Have French Onion Soup?

Not at all appropriate. Puppies have a very sensitive digestive system. Therefore, Onions and garlic can poison puppies quickly. Therefore, never give them French Onion Soup for testing purposes.

Maybe you unknowingly eat French Onion Soup. In such a case, see a veterinarian immediately

My Dog Had Too Much Onion Soup

Unlike other foods, French Onion Soup is a food that can quickly poison dogs. As I said earlier, even small amounts should be avoided in dogs. So, if your dog has already ingested a large amount of French Onion Soup without realizing it, go to the vet immediately.


You may understand that there are both positive and negative sides of feeding, French Onion Soup to your dog.

I think you gain a good understanding on the topic, can dogs eat, French Onion Soup. The given information should only be used as a guide. Human foods should not be used to substitute a dog’s diet. If your dog exhibits any unusual symptoms after ingesting any food product, you should consult a skilled veterinarian right once.

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