Can Dogs Eat Nutella?

Can Dogs Eat Nutella? Read Before You Feed

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Most people know that Nutella is not the right food for their dog. However, they will be tempted to give them a treat again and again. Nutella has been dubbed ‘paradise in a spoon’ because of the taste of mouthwatering.

So, you may be wondering if your dog can have Nutella safely or if not why your dog can’t safely have Nutella. Let’s begin.

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Can Dogs have Nutella Safely?

If you search Nutella’s ingredients, you’ll find that it not only contains sugar, but also cocoa, palm oil, soy, hazelnut, and skimmed milk. Since it is a heavily refined food, not only in dogs but also in humans, Nutella should be avoided.

After all, it won’t be the best health advice to give your child such high amounts of processed sugar and chocolate. Yet chocolate can be harmful when it comes to dogs. They fear being poisoned as dogs eat massive volumes of chocolate.

Cocoa contains a substance called theobromine, which is also harmful to your puppy. It can increase the heart rate more than the target and cause problems with the cardiovascular and nervous system. All of this is very serious, especially when the temptation is temporary.

What Will Happen to a Cocoa Poisoned Dog?

The following symptoms, such as diarrhea, fatigue, vomiting, restlessness, increased heart rate, seizures, excessive urination, are more likely to occur if a dog is poisoned by chocolate intake. Both these are warning signals that need to be taken into account.

If you see some of these signs experienced by your dog, you can ask the vet for emergency support. In order to stop making the situation any harder, it is better to let the dog vomit. You may use activated charcoal or an equivalent combination of water and hydrogen peroxide to achieve this. At the same time, in the process, you need to hydrate your puppy.

Nutella Alternatives for Dogs

Remember that if your dog has a different food taste, you can quickly find tasty and nutritious alternatives to Nutella. For example, you can prepare oatmeal and serve it to your dog. As well as assisting your dog with digestive and cardiovascular processes, this also has an adequate amount of fiber. Just be careful not to add any other ingredient like oatmeal to the oatmeal.

Unsalted peanut butter is the perfect choice if you want to try something new. It is high in nutritious fats and niacin, and your dog will enjoy its crunchy and creamy texture. Another great food for your puppy is chicken. It is thin and full of protein. If you grind it or boil it and share the taste with your dog, please do not feed fried chicken to your puppy.

Last but not least, note that for your puppy, apples still make a perfect nutritious treat. Break them into cubes or split them up. Before feeding them to your dog pal, make sure to remove the seeds.

For dogs, Nutella is not a perfect treat. If your friend really cares for you, never feed him Nutella. Your dog can be toxic, and it is not worth the risk. Instead, check out tasty options that can keep your dog happy for a long time, but still safe and fit.

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