can dogs eat bagels?

Can Dogs Eat Bagels? Read Before You Feed

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People love the taste of bagels. It is a kind of bread. There are plain bagel varieties and those with some other toppings and flavors. Nobody can resist without tasting a mouthwatering sweet or spicy bagel. But the thing is most bagels are unhealthy and low in nutrients. Because they contain quickly digestible carbohydrates and ultimately increase the blood glucose and lipid levels. Instead of regular bagels, you can have whole grain bagels which contain more fiber, vitamins and minerals as a precaution.

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Below you can see summarize of good and bad of feeding popcorn which we discussed thoroughly, later in this article.

TastyHigh calories
 Low fiber
 Harmful toppings
 Can cause obesity
Can dogs eat bagels

Can I Give Bagels to My Dog?

When you are eating a bagel, your pet dog may be there staring at you for begging piece of bagel. Dog may like to eat bagels because of their taste and smell. According to the nutritional values we have mentioned earlier, it is best to avoid giving bagels to your dog. Actually, there is not any valid reason to feed them. So, you should remember to avoid that bad habit of feeding bagels to your dog. They may contain high calories and less fibers that leads to obesity and related disease conditions in your dog.

It will be better to stop feeding bagels to your puppy. There’s no good justification for eating them, they’re not safe. Fill the stomach of your dog by giving essential foods and vitamins.

Can Bagels Hurt Dogs?

Of course you can give a bit of bagel to your dog to taste it. But the problem is when it gets used to eat bagels you are not easy to avoid that bad habit. Many people tend to give leftovers to their pets. That is not recommended because your pet cannot survive with the leftovers. They also need nutrients for their growth and maintenance. Specially puppies and pregnant female dogs require much energy and nutrients. Old dogs should not give large amount of fat and carbs because they cannot digest them properly and it leads to many disease conditions. So, bagels do not suit for any age group of dogs. You can tell your dog is totally fine with this food, but you can’t see the problems develop within the body. That is why nutritionists and veterinarians do not recommended bagels to your do.

About Fillings and Toppings

Typically people do not eat plain bagels. They load bagels with butter, jam, cream cheese and various other things. Different toppings are also used like poppy seeds, garlic flakes and raisins. These things may be ok for us, but they are not good for your dog. Sometimes these toppings can be toxic to your poor dog. Butter, jam and cream cheese are not the things that need to make your dog healthy. Poppy seeds and garlic may be poisonous to your dog. So those ingredients are not safe to your dog.

Can dogs eat bagels

Health Issues with Feeding Bagels

Bagels are high in carbs and fats which can make unnecessary weight gain and obesity. In other hand obese dogs have a higher chance to get diabetes, heart problems and pancreatitis. Various toppings and fillings also contribute to intestinal upsets and digestive problems like vomiting and diarrhea.  Some toxicities can be developed by eating onion bagels.

Can Dogs Eat Plain Bagels?

Yes, dogs can eat plain bagels, but to some extent. As we discussed before, plain bagels do not include toppings. So that small number of plain bagels are ok for your dog. 

Can Dogs Eat Cinnamon Bagels?

The good thing is that for dogs, cinnamon is not dangerous. By consuming so much cinnamon, the dog will not experience fatal toxic effects. Bu when it comes to cinnamon bagels, earlier discussed facts are related. Therefore, do not feed too much cinnamon bagels to your dog. Main reason is bagels itself do not include many nutrients. Moreover. Too many bagels can harm your dog as long-time effects.

Can Dogs Eat Blueberry Bagels?

Blueberries are a healthy treat. But eating too many could result in digestive problems. Therefore, it is better not feed blueberry bagels to your dog.


All human foods are not good for dogs always. Dogs need meat-based dog foods not the bread-based diets. Make sure to provide them healthy dog foods and occasional treats and snacks. Bagels and their toppings are not good for dogs. If you still want to give a piece from your bagel, make sure that doesn’t contain any harmful thing to your begging innocent. And also remember to train your dog properly by giving healthy foods.

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