Can Dogs Have Sunflower Oil?

Can Dogs Have Sunflower Oil? Read Before You Feed

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Sunflower oil is made using sunflower seeds. This oil can use as a cooking oil and also as a medicine. Sunflower oil contains high amount of Vitamin E which makes a healthy choice. Normally plant based oils are cholesterol free. No carbohydrates, cholesterol or sodium is found in the sunflower oils.

The United States sells four different forms of sunflower oil. They have different fatty acid compositions. Therefore, it also should consider before feeding sunflower oil to your dog.

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Several benefits of sunflower oil are,

  • Good for your heart
  • Promotes skin health
  • Provide quick energy
  • Improves digestion

Research have shown that the intake of small quantities of sunflower oil can provide minor health benefits. Let’s see whether dogs can have sunflower oil.

Below you can see summarize of good and bad of feeding sunflower oil which we discussed thoroughly, later in this article.

A natural oilHigh in fat
Promote hair growth 
Rich in vitamin E 
Good source of fiber and protein 
Can Dogs Have Sunflower Oil?

Nutritional Benefits of Sunflower Oil?

Not only are sunflowers absolutely safe for humans, but they are also non-toxic for dogs. Sunflower oil is rich in omega-6 fatty acids and Vitamin E. These fatty acids keep your dog’s skin shinny and moisturized. Also, it improves digestion and helps to develop the brain of your puppy.

Is Sunflower Poisonous to Dog?

Sunflower oil appears to be fairly harmless for dogs. Sunflower oil is made after compressing sunflower seeds. Therefore, sunflower oil is a natural plant-based oil.

You should avoid giving sunflower oil regularly or long-term basis. The fact is that sunflower oil is rich in Omega 6 and high amount of Omega 6 regularly can affect your dog.

Health Issues with Sunflower Oil

There are no considerable health issues if you give moderate amount of sunflower oil to your dog. Not matter natural or artificial, high amount of any oil can harm your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Sunflower Seeds?

Sunflower oil is extracted from sunflower seeds. The flower heads of the sunflower plant are used to collect the sunflower seeds. Seeds also contain many nutrients and helps to lower heart diseases and improve digestion in your dogs.

Sunflower seeds sold for birds shouldn’t be given to your dog. These are often sprayed with pesticides

Can Dogs Eat Sunflower Butter?

Butter from sunflower is produced just as butter from peanut. Sunflower butter is made from sunflower seeds. Protein and healthy fats keep your dog energetic. But don’t give them high amount of sunflower butter. Also make sure to buy quality products of sunflower butter.

Can Dogs Eat Sunflower Kernels or Seed Shells?

Sunflower seeds are available with shell and without shell. Sunflower seeds are enclosed with black and white shell. By smashing them with your teeth, those left in the shell are normally consumed. But your dog can’t remove the shell its own. Therefore, don’t feed sunflower seeds with its shell. It can harm your dog’s digestive system.

Can dogs eat sunflower kernels or seed shells?

Can Dogs Eat Sunflower Stalks?

The stalks of the sunflower taste similar to celery. It is possible to roast, grill, steam the flexible roots and eat. Some people shred sunflower stalks to make a slaw. Therefore, you can feed sunflower stalks safely to your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Sunflower Sprouts?

One of the easiest ways of enjoying a sunflower’s nutrients is by eating the sprouts. Sunflower sprouts have an impressive 25% protein. So don’t hesitate to give sunflower sprout to your dog.


Since sunflower oil is a natural plant-based oil, your dog can have it safely. But giving sunflower oil regularly can harm your dog. Also make sure to buy quality products of sunflower oil.

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