Can Dogs Eat Key Lime Pie?

Can Dogs Eat Key Lime Pie? Interesting Facts

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Can dogs eat key lime pie?. Dessert is something we all eat after a main meal. Can dogs like us eat dessert after a main meal? Because we treat dogs as part of our family, we try to give them a portion of dessert. Here we have to be careful that not every food we eat is suitable for dogs.

Today we are going to talk about whether key lime pie is a very tasty dessert that dogs can eat.

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can dogs eat Key Lime Pie

What is Key Lime Pie?

Before finding out if this key lime pie is good for dogs, we need to know what key lime pie is.

Key lime pie is one of the most popular desserts in America. It originates in the state of Florida. key lime pie hints at two things it contains. That is, key lime and pie. It mainly contains several ingredients. They are key lime, graham cracker, cream and milk.

Although those things are the main ingredients, they may contain other ingredients in addition.

Can Dogs Eat Key Lime Pie?

The filling for key lime pie is consisting with sweetened condensed milk and other ingredients. So, you can understand that key lime pie contains some sugar. Frequent consumption of sugar is bad for our dogs. So first of all, do not give the dog key lime pie regularly as it contains sugar.

The next thing is that the key lime pie contains lime. You know that lime is toxic for dogs.  But do not be afraid. It is okay for your dog to eat a small amount of key lime pie. The problem is only if you eat a large amount. If your dog unknowingly eats a significant amount of key lime pie, observe him carefully first. See if the dog vomits or has diarrhea. If not, no problem.

Also, if your dog is a small dog, be sure to give only a small amount of this key lime pie. This is because small dogs’ stomachs respond to lime quite quickly.

If your dog does not show symptoms after eating this key lime pie, it means that he has not been immediately poisoned by eating them. But remember, eating key lime pie regularly in the long run can lead to illness.

The other thing is that key lime pie contains raw eggs. Are raw eggs good for dogs? According to akc raw eggs are harmful to dogs. They give several reasons for that. One is that eating raw eggs can cause Salmonella infection. So, think twice before giving your dog a large quantity of key lime pie.

Hope you gain enough knowledge in the topic, can dogs eat key lime pie?.  Also read our previous article on can dogs eat apple?

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