Can Dogs Eat Enchiladas

Common Myths About Can Dogs Eat Enchiladas

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A pet dog is like a member of the household to us. We do not even think twice about sharing the food we eat with them. But you have to keep in mind that not every food we eat is good for dogs. This is because the organs of their digestive system are very sensitive to certain foods. Today we will see can dogs eat enchiladas.

The simple answer is yes, dogs can eat enchiladas, but it depends on the ingredients. Like any type of typical food, dogs must consume Enchiladas moderately. Since most Enchiladas filled with variant ingredients, you must consider about those ingredients before feeding them.

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What are Enchiladas?

Enchiladas originated in Mexico. Corn tortillas with fish filling were most likely the earliest varieties of enchiladas developed. Like that, modern enchiladas are also consisting with several filling. Enchiladas are excellent and can be found all over Canada and the United States. Enchiladas are often covered in some form of chile sauce and filled with meat and cheese.

Before deciding whether Enchiladas is edible or not, you need to find out what Enchiladas is made of. Hominy is made primarily from dried maize kernels. Corn tortilla is made from that hominy. Corn tortillas are rolled into Enchiladas. They are the simple steps in making Enchiladas.



Enchiladas are made after rolling corn tortillas as I said earlier. Then a sauce is put on it. That is the simplest Enchilada. Like I said before, Enchiladas were filled with fish in earlier times. But in modern times, people use fish, chicken, pork, beef, various types of sauce, cheese etc.

Are Tortillas Ok for Dogs?

You may have realized that you must first decide whether you can eat corn tortillas before deciding if the Enchiladas dog is fit to eat.  Corn tortillas can be safely eaten by your dog. But nutritional value is low in corn tortillas. Therefore, as an occasional snack, the dog can eat it without any trouble.


Can Dogs Have Enchiladas Safely?

I have seen there are tons of Enchiladas recipes on the internet. Some of them are chicken enchilada, beef enchilada, vegie enchilada and many more.

You should first be aware of the type of sauce you put on Enchiladas. In general, sauces are not good for dogs. Some sauces contain spices that are toxic to dogs.

Homemade red enchilada sauce

You might think that a homemade sauce is not a problem. But this sauce contains several ingredients which harmful for dog. Mainly they are garlic and cinnamon. Also, these sauces may spicy. Spicy foods are not good for dogs. Usually, salt is added to sauces. Salt is also known as not good for dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Enchiladas

What If My Dog Eats Enchiladas?

Imagine that your dog unknowingly ate Enchiladas. You do not have to worry about that. A small amount of Enchiladas is unlikely to poison your dog. But if a large amount is eaten, pay attention to his behavior for a while. If he shows symptoms like vomiting, go to the vet immediately.

Also, if your dog is a small breed dog or he is still a puppy, you must give greater consideration. Puppies should never feed with any type of sauce. Mainly because their sensitive body parts are still growing.

If your dog is particularly sensitive, he may vomit or have diarrhea. If it happens, I expect any symptoms to be minor and to fade away within few hours without any medication.


I think you gain a good understanding on the topic, can dogs eat enchiladas. The given information should only be used as a guide. Human foods should not be used to substitute a dog’s diet. If your dog exhibits any unusual symptoms after ingesting any food product, you should consult a skilled veterinarian right once.

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