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Dogs are omnivorous animals. So, they can eat almost everything we eat. But because their internal body parts are quite sensitive, they cannot eat all the food we eat without trouble. Today I will explain whether dogs can eat Monterey Jack.

Monterey Jack cheese is not considered toxic to dogs. For a variety of reasons, it should still be avoided. A tiny amount will probably be ok, but much more could create stomach troubles. Therefore, moderation is the key.

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What is Monterey Jack?

Monterey Jack is a white cheese made from cow’s milk, commonly eaten in the United States. This type of cheese is common in supermarkets in the United States. In addition, cheeses such as Cheddar Jack or Pepper Jack are also available for sale.

The Monterey Jack is also used to make cheeseburgers and cheese sandwiches. That is because of its special property of being well melted. Also, they are expensive because of storage costs.

Nutritional Value

When compared to dairy products like milk, cream, and yogurt, cheese has a low lactose content. Among them, Monterey Jack cheese has a low lactose content, making it a healthy treat for your dog. Most of other types of cheese contain considerable amount of lactose than Monterey Jack.

Nutritional Value Monterey Jack

Can Dogs Eat Monterey Jack Safely?

When used in moderation, it contains no ingredients that could harm your pets permanently. So, keeping it in mind, let’s dive deep whether dogs can eat Monterey Jack safely?

Monterey Jack is sweeter than other types of cheese. And also, it contains a high amount of fat. Because cheese in general has a high fat content, dogs who consume Monterey Jack cheese on a daily basis may develop long-term health problems such as obesity.

This Monterey Jack contains the chemical compound tyramine. One of our main sources of tyramine is cheese. Therefore, people with migraine may experience increased symptoms by consuming this type of cheese. Dogs are a work-sensitive creature to us, so they can get headaches too. Headache is not a disease that manifests itself well like vomiting. They may lose their activism because they cannot inform us about it. So, give the Monterey Jack if it is given to dogs with a limit. It is better not to give Monterey Jack to small body sized dogs or puppies.

Also keep in mind some dogs are allergic to cheese. I used to have a dog, and it inevitably gets a stomachache when it eats cheese. If you haven’t given cheese to your dog before, give your dog some cheese first. Observe him closely for a few hours. Only give the cheese back if there is no problem.


I think you gain a good understanding on the topic, can dogs eat Monterey Jack. The given information should only be used as a guide. Human foods should not be used to substitute a dog’s diet. If your dog exhibits any unusual symptoms after ingesting any food product, you should consult a skilled veterinarian right once.

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